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OTT CONA course; Certified Optical Network Associate

Plan cost-effective optical networking solutions

The CONA certification focuses on planning cost-effective fibre optic networks that use direct detection technology. It lays the foundation for progression to the Certified Optical Network Engineer course. It is ideal for optical network planners, network operations staff & related roles.

OTT CONE course; Certified Optical Network Engineer

Overcome challenges using the latest technologies

The CONE certification tackles designing optical networks which use coherent transmission & digital signal processing, & the challenges of increasing capacity, extending reach, increasing flexibility, controlling latency, providing quality of service & going open & interoperable.

OTT CFCE course; Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer

Characterise fibre infrastructure professionally, to assess its quality & capacity

The CFCE certification is designed for test engineers who want to apply the full power of multi-purpose test platforms to carry out full fibre characterisation, including bi-directional OTDR testing, chromatic dispersion, Polarisation Mode Dispersion & spectral attenuation measurements.

OTT COFI course; Certified Optical Fibre Installer

Install, terminate, joint and test fibre infrastructure to a professional standard

The COFI certifications are designed to offer professional training for fibre optic installers. The COFI course is available in different versions to suit delegates working on networks in different envrionments, such as outside plant networks, enterprise networks & harsh environments

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OTT training partners

Note that OTT certifications can only be delivered by OTT approved trainers, employed/contracted by OTT approved training partners.
All existing partners are shown on our partner page. If you find an organisation offering these courses who are not listed as a partner or as a reseller, then check with them which approved partner they are using to deliver the course. If in doubt do please check with us. Beware of imitations of these desirable certifications.