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The Certified Optical Fibre Installer certification is designed to offer the highest quality installation training, for when quality and professionalism really matter. The COFI course is available in slightly different versions to suit delegates working on networks in different envrionments, such as Outside plant networks, Enterprise networks and Harsh environments. It is also available from our partner in South Africa in a customised version, COFI-SA, designed for the African marketplace.

COFI OSP Certified Optical Fbre Installer for outside plant or core networks

The COFI-OSP course is designed for installation & maintenance staff working on outside plant telecom fibre optic networks, such as core networks, which may use high fibre count cables.

OTT COFI-enterprise course; Certified Optical Fibre Installer

The COFI-Enterprise course is designed for installation & maintenance staff working on datacomms local area (LAN) networks, such as businesses or small campus sites

OTT COFI-SA course; Certified Optical Fibre Installer

The COFI-SA course provides professional, practical skills training for installers involved in building and maintaining high quality fibre optic installations in the South African marketplace.

The harsh environments course is only available as a company course as it is generally customised to suit particularly applications and organisations.

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The COFI course/s are delivered by some of OTT’s training delivery partners. It may be possible to arrange courses onsite for company groups located in other regions. Some of their dates will be listed here. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with future dates for this course then why not follow us on your preferred social media.

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