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Ahmed Atere of MEED Networks is an OTT approved trainer for CONA

MEED Networks is a multifaceted Consulting ICT firm with focus on advisory, infrastructure design & deployment, project execution and training. They offer the CONA (Certified Optical Network Associate) and CONE (Certified Optical Network Engineer) courses in Nigeria and across Africa.

The co-founder, Ahmed Atere, is a seasoned trainer who is a Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer (CFCE) with proven track record in fiber deployment and training for both public and private sectors. He is involved in the delivery of major landmark projects across Africa and provide advisory services to government on telecom infrastructural road map and monitoring.

He combines his industry experience with the use of WhizzieKit (OTT’s unique Virtual Optical Networking System) to deliver outstanding hands on training which provides trainees with good understanding of fiber infrastructure and the optical networking systems that is required to design modern fiber networks.

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