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Training programmes that lead to certifications have a great deal to offer. So, whether you represent a company looking to invest in training for your team, or you are an individual looking at personal and career development, use the toggle below to choose the perspective that suits you to find out more.


Investing in certification courses for your employees is an important strategic decision when you are looking to enhance your competitive edge, and it can yield numerous benefits.

Having tests to pass ensures that trainees are more motivated, it increases the amount that they learn and they realise the company has expectations of them
Certification provides consistency, so that all employees comply with relevant standards and best practices. It can create efficiencies, improve productivity, and standardises processes
Offering certifications shows commitment to high quality employee development, which results in happier, motivated staff that stay with you and also attracts the best recruits away from your competition
A comprehensive certification training programme broadens & deepens employees’ capabilities which makes them more adaptable, self-reliant and able to solve problems & innovate
Having well trained employees, with a focus on professionalism helps avoid costly mistakes and typically results in good, efficient decision making, which saves time and money
Having certified employees gains the organisation confidence and respect from its customers and suppliers. Employees are able to represent the company well.

But it also takes your input as an employer or team leader to maximise the benefits. Make sure your employees know why you are sending them and what you expect of them. Give them the time to focus on studying by trying to limit distractions from work. Also when they return to work full of new knowledge and ideas, then do give them the opportunity and support to put what they have learned into practice. If you foster a culture where ongoing learning and development is valued as integral to your business you will reap rewards.

Having assignments and a test to pass, will focus your mind and help you gain more from the learning opportunity. A clear period to focus on studying, with less distractions, is a huge bonus these days
A certification programme provides a well-structured approach, it gives you the big picture, allowing you to grasp concepts more effectively, slot challenging issues into place and save time searching for individual answers to questions
Joining a certification program involves interacting with other professionals in your field, which can be a valuable networking opportunity, provide support, and even potential job referrals in the future
You'll get a great sense of achievement and a boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem. It shows that you are prepared to work hard to master your craft and continue growing and advancing your career
You gain reward and recognition for your efforts at the end of the training programme. A certification enhances your credibility and reputation showing employers, clients, and peers that you are committed to continuous learning and professionalism
Certification programs also provide a formal acknowledgment of your expertise and proficiency in a particular area. This validation can help when seeking advancement with your current employer or if you decide it is time to move on

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