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The unique, 5-day, CONE, advanced optical network certification programme, builds on the foundation provided by the CONA course. It deals with designing optical networks which use coherent transmission & digital signal processing, & tackles the requirements for designing high performance networks to meet key challenges such as increasing capacity, extending reach, increasing flexibility, controlling latency, providing quality of service and going open and interoperable, whilst also keeping costs under control and reducing electrical power consumption.

You’ll learn how the powerful combination of coherent transmission & digital signal processing has transformed optical communications at data rates of 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s, 800Gb/s and above and about the changes necessary to DWDM systems for operating efficiently at these data rates.
Understanding how the right mix of optical and electronic technologies is used to overcome limitations is a recurring theme of the course, as is the role of SDN and its implications for facilitating open systems including open optical line systems, disaggregation, Open ROADMs & white box solutions. By the end of the course you’ll appreciate the fundamental limitations that apply, & the trade-offs & compromises you may need to make. This means you will be able to make sensible and effective strategic decisions & long-term plans for your network.

This course uses a case study scenario throughout the course, which helps provide context and lets us look at the subject from a variety of perspectives. You’ll receive a comprehensive course manual which is a great reference resource, as well as access to additional online resources including review questions to help you revise. You’ll usually work with another delegate/s to complete a project assignment using OTT’s unique virtual optical network training system, WhizzieKit. And you’ll also need to pass a theory assessment to gain Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) status.

Is it the right course for you or your team?

Applications for CONE: Subsea, core networks, cloud & CDN, DCI, Financial networks, NRENs

The CONE optical network certification programme is designed for those dealing with demanding applications for optical network applications including subsea links,  core networks, cloud and CDN applications, Data centre interconnects, financial networks and some national and educational research networks. The range of job roles that need a solid understanding of optical networks is increasing. You may already be working with optical networks and need to take some time to focus on making sense of all the new developments that you have been hearing about, to help you decide how to take your network forward. Or you may be an IP specialist who is finding that you now need to know about optical networks, due to the trend towards network disaggregation. Or you may even be a software engineer involved in supporting SDN and finding that you need to know more about optical networks.

Typical job roles of attendees include: Optical Network Engineer, Optical Network Design Engineer, Optical Network architect, Network Architect – DWDM/Optical, Core network designer, Design & Implementation Engineer: DWDM & WAN, Strategic network planner, Optical Transport Designer/Engineer Specialist, Transmission system engineer, IP network Specialist, SDN Engineer, Software Development Engineer for SDN Projects.

What will you be able to do after the course?

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design your system to avoid unwanted non-linear effects
identify the best type of fibre for new projects
decide which pluggable form factors are best for your applications
plan for efficient deployment of OIF 400ZR for DCIs
appreciate the trade-offs made by adaptive optical transceivers
identify options for delivering 10Tb/s over distances from 100m to trans-oceanic
decide on optimum amplification schemes for your network links
assess the role of subsea SDM ideologies for terrestrial networks
assess the role of flexgrid and plan for its implementation
specify appropriate ROADM functionalities for current operations and future developments
plan your networks to avoid unnecessary latency
decide upon appropriate FEC schemes and DSP technologies
assess what role SDN, open networking and disaggregation will have in your network
understand the implications of deploying white box solutions
use a methodical process to set valid design strategies and policies, to guide your network design decisions

What do trainees say about the course?

I found this course to be packed with information. The foundation built in CONA was exactly what was needed to be able to get through this course. The material was challenging and kept me interested the whole time.
There was a lot of theory which was presented well. A lof misunderstandings were cleared up and a lot of new knowledge acquired
I was offered this training as part of a larger push in our organization to bring us up to date on industry standards and the technological side of what we do. I believe this course has more than fulfilled that desire and I am much more confident in my job as a result
I learned a lot about network equipment, especially ROADMs, Raman amplifiers. This information will be useful when interacting with stakeholders and validating that our network is being designed correctly
Loved it, felt much more confident in delivering for our customers after taking the course

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The CONE course is currently delivered by OTT’s training delivery partners in OTT’s partners in the UK, Ireland, Austria, USA, South Africa, Nigeria and New Zealand. It may be possible to arrange courses onsite for company groups located in other regions. Some of their dates will be listed here. Please note that this is an intensive advanced course. If you will be attending a public CONE course it is mandatory that you have attended the CONA Certified Optical Network Associate course first. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with future dates for this course then why not follow us on your preferred social media, or fill in the form and OTT or one of our partners will be in touch.

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