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Questions About Fibre Optics

You work in the challenging & fast-developing world of optical networking & fibre optic systems. You want a quick way to catch up with changes in the industry and to make sure you really understand the latest developments. You or your team you want to prove your credibility, gain recognition, respect and to distinguish your approach from the competition.

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As experts in fibre optics for more than 35 years, we design unique, specialist training programmes to meet real industry needs. We develop comprehensive training aids for use by our partners and provide great quality supporting materials for our learners. We verify the assessments and we provide you with certification to recognise your achievement.

OTT Training Partners

OTT partners deliver our training programmes using our course materials under license. Our partners enable us to make our courses available in more regions around the world. Having partners who deliver our courses means that we can concentrate on the tasks of design and development to ensure our courses meet the high standards you expect.

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We think you will enjoy and benefit from your training. It should make your job less stressful and more satisfying. We hope that you will receive well-earned credibility, recognition and respect from your colleagues and customers.