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Way back when, when fibre optics was simple, everyone talked about either multimode fibre or singlemode fibre. But these days things are a little more complex than that. There are different types of singlemode fibre and also there are different performance grades of multimode fibre. In this two and a half minute video we offer a quick, light-hearted, run through of the history of multimode fibre right up to the exciting developments with wideband multimode fibre. You’ll find out why it’s time to say goodbye to some old faithfuls and to understand what has changed with the latest new performance grade.

What is OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 multimode fibre?


If you’d like more background detail than the video provides, then you can read more about the OM fibre categories in Richard Ednay’s blog here.

Is OM5 multimode fibre right for your application?

Or if you are ready to consider whether OM5 might be right for your application then have a read of Richard Ednay’s blog here where he drops in on a meeting between some of the characters that we use in the case studies on our training courses (such as the Certified Optical Network Associate programme) as they discuss whether it makes sense to deploy WBMMF in the ABC Bank’s next phase of datacentre expansion.

What can wideband multimode fibre and SWDM do?

If you’d like to understand how the twin technologies of WBMMF and SWDM were developed and get to know their capabilities and limitations then  have a look at this video of a presentation Richard Ednay gave at a seminar back in 2017.

Learn to install fibre optic cabling for enterprise networks

The Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI Enterprise) course is designed specifically for installation and maintenance staff working on enterprise, datacomms, local area (LAN) networks. The course provides the skills and knowledge required to install, terminate and test multimode OMx and also singlemode fibre for internal fibre optic cabling networks.