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Total Network Solutions Europe was established in 2008, by IT & telecoms industry professionals, to provide specialist training, systems integration and support services covering cabling and related activities. Their training provision focuses on fibre optics, datacoms and general telecoms training, including fibre optic broadband delivery training in fibre to the premises (FTTP), Blown Fibre and New Roads and Street Works accreditations. They have a well equipped training centre, with external ducts and chambers as well as telegraph poles for training in a safe environment, allowing installation training to be carried out in a realistic environment not just in a classroom. TNSE trainers have field experience and also hold vocational awards in teaching and assessing. Total Network Solutions have also carried out fibre optic and data cabling training worldwide.

Three trainers at TNSE will train up to offer specific OTT certifications. TNSE will be offering OTT’s Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) course, and the Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) course, in order to extend and complement their existing range of training courses.

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