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TransAfrican Fibre Services logoThe 5-day Certified Optical Fibre Installer course (COFI-SA) is designed to provide high quality practical skills training for customers that require optical fibre installation and maintenance staff trained up to the professional standard required to build and maintain quality fibre optic networks in the South African marketplace. It is offered by OTT’s partner in South Africa, TransAfrican Fibre Services.

It provides a broad knowledge of the components and equipment used in fibre optic installations and highlights good working practices in order to inspire a professional approach to the job role. It includes plenty of hands-on practical sessions to build up the skills required to install, joint, terminate and test fibre optic cabling links.

Trainees receive a comprehensive course manual, which is a great reference resource, as well as access to additional online resources including review questions to help with revision for the assessment. Each trainee usually works with another delegate/s to complete a practical installation assignment. Trainees also need to pass a theory assessment to gain Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI-SA) status.

Is it the right course for you or your team?

The COFI-SA course is a hands-on, task based, practical course. It starts from basics so no prior knowledge is required. It aims to take delegates up to a professional level in skills, knowledge and attitude. It also helps to remove incorrect working habits which might have been picked up from other cabling jobs. It can help if a fibre team attends the course together along with their project supervisor or manager so everyone ends up working to the same professional standards.

Typical job roles of attendees include: fibre optic installation or fibre optic cabling technician or engineer or project supervisor.

What will you be able to do after the course?

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explain how optical fibres work and the issues that can affect performance
identify telecoms link components and explain why different components are required for different environments
handle fibre optic cable and components correctly to ensure optimum performance
work safely with optical fibre and fibre optic equipment and be able to assess the potential risks when working onsite
carry out inspection and cleaning of fibre optic connectors & explain the importance of cleanliness when handling fibre optic connectors
prepare fibre optic cabling for fitting connectors or splicing
terminate fibre optic cables by splicing on pre-terminated pigtails or using pre-polished connectors
joint fibre optic cables by fusion splicing and manage fibres in a splice closure
test fibre optic links according to relevant standards
test patch cords correctly
carry out continuity, polarity, and insertion loss testing
use an OTDR correctly for optimum testing and troubleshooting of fibre optic links

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The COFI-SA course is delivered by OTT’s training delivery partner in South Africa, TransAfrican Fibre Services.

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